Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well, toasty today in flight.

Today's losses tally to (as time of writing):
1 Personal Capsule, 1 Phobos-class Heavy Interdiction Cruiser.

Ran into a gatecamp in Rancer and found the evils of the refitted smart-bomb Rokh-class battleships. Woke up in Torrinos. After dodging some fire in EC-P8R, I wandered up into Period Basis and reclaimed the Girl's Best Friend, a Phobos-class heavy interdictor. Made it partway back and ran into a large emplacement of non-aligned ships. While the Girl's Best Friend was a stout ship, she was doomed from the start. Mourning my crew for a moment (because good crew is hard to find), I escaped and wandered back into Hek, where I picked up the Apeture Science, my Helios-class covert operations ship.

After some leisurely exploration, I switched to the Cake or Death?, my new Enyo-class Assault Ship. With the recent mandates restricting the power output of stasis webifiers now in effect, these smaller hardy frigates are now quite effective in taking out larger targets.

I get called out to Ingunn, where some pirates I've been hanging out with have taken up camping an asteroid belt and picking off ships that warp off the station (which were being scared off by an Armageddon near a station).

We picked off a few ships and then a Tempest-class battleship arrived in the belt.

I immediately ordered full thrust from the afterburners and nestled into a tight orbit around the target, keeping a single warp scrambler. The ship launched a flight of drones and killed off the tackling Crusader with neutralizers. The rest of the gang kept frying the drones and then resumed firing on the Tempest. He launched more drones and kept trying to shake my ship. Luckily, my own capacitor recharge rate was sufficient to keep my afterburner and scrambler running despite his neutralizers. We kept destroying drones and eventually finished off the ship.

Afterwards, I called for the damage reports, to be relieved that my reinforced armor plating had held. However, he either never attempted to fire upon my ship or he never successfully hit me.

Time to go back and finish up that exploration.

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