Thursday, December 18, 2008

Targets of Opportunity

Looking at my chrono, I spotted that I needed to get back to base from the low-security space I was at. I finished off my ale and returned to the Majestic, my prestigious Federation Navy-issued Megathron-class battleship. She's a sleek and sexy lady.

Moving from Saranen, I started moving through jumps when I encountered an Armageddon on an inbound gate. That ship quickly turned hostile and began to disrupt my warp drive. Naturally, I returned fire with relish. Lasers quickly chewed through Majestic's shields and began to nibble away at her armor, while particle blasters lit up the Armageddon. Time passed, as the silent broadsides continued. Then my sensors registered multiple incoming ships: backup.

I did the only thing I could do--silence my guns and hope that the hull held long enough for my escape through the jump gate. I managed to squeak through and then completed my trip across Empire space, dodging more fire from the Caldari Navy as I raced.

Poor Majestic bore the scars from the fight well... at least until I paid the twenty-seven million ISK repair bill.

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