Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Gentleman's Way of War

Battle report, 2008-12-30, Brin System.

The Bastards had received a letter of challenge from Red Box. corporation, specifying a straight-up fight with battleships and assorted classes of ships.

Being fairly new to the fleet, I chose to put my "best foot forward" and acquired and refit a Damnation-class command cruiser for this very match. We planned to "spider-tank" our respective battleships with my ship allowing for greater efficiency and stronger armor plating. We assumed that the "enemy" would be fit similarly. I was also coordinating the repair efforts for our side.

The trouble began when we attempted to take down the Armageddon and their enemy fleet melted two or three of our ships before we could even get the repairers to finish cycling. Apparently the enemy ships had been set up for maximum damage output.

To make a long story short, we lost that challenge... but we all made it out in our pods and I believe we, as a group, learned something about our tactics.

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  1. You lived to fight another day. I'm sure you and your fellow bastards will have learned the right lessons from that particular engagement!